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What we offer you

Full Body Adjustments

From Head to Toes

Any joint in the body could become misaligned, and cause a subluxation complex to occur. This is stressful both physically and mentally, since it interferes with the proper nerve function in that region. Often multiple subluxations will contribute to a problem. Sometimes one subluxation can cause multiple problems, 

Multiple Adjustment Styles

Because no two patients are the same

In 1985 I began my studies at Logan Chiropractic College, in St. Louis, MO,  and completed them at Cleveland Chiropractic College, in Kansas City, MO in 1991. By attending these two colleges, yearly seminars since 1991, and other colleges, I have a large spectrum of styles to choose from. I am also a certified kinesio tape practitioner and personal trainer. Some are as light as a feather, and others are deeper. By tailoring the treatment to the patient, the most comfortable and effective results can occur as quickly as possible. Examples include diversified, Gonstead, Logan Basic, Activator Methods, intersegmental traction, Cox, Thompson, Sacro-Occipital, SOT Cranial, Kinesio-Taping, Craniosacral, Positional Release, Muscle Energy, Post Neural Facilitation, mobilization, and Meric Toggle.

Best Practice Guides

ensure proper insurance payments, and are used

to gauge the effectiveness of your given treatment. These also help dictate timing between visits, current treatment strategies, and outcomes.

Rehabilitation and

Physical Therapeutics

are routinely used to enhance the healing and recovery process. Ultrasound, exercise, bracing, neuromuscular reeducation, EMS, IFC, cryotherapy, heat, and essential oil topical applications are examples that add to the total healing experience here. 

Affordable Care

for Everyone's Budget

Whether you have an insurance plan or paying cash as you go. Every effort is made to keep costs down and easy to afford. Special payment plans are also available short-term to ensure you get the care when you need it, not just when you think you can afford it. I keep my costs low by working without any other staff and in my home.

All Ages Welcome

From Birth to Great Grandparents.

Practically anyone can benefit from care here. Treatment style will vary by age, problem, and client tolerance. Having degrees from two US chiropractic and one European osteopathic colleges gives a multitude of techniques available.


Regional or Full Body

Is often employed adjunctively to ensure the muscles are relaxed and the adjustments hold better. Occasionally, massage is done as the only treatment, if requested. Swedish, Shiatsu, myofascial release, muscle energy, positional release, post-neural facilitation, and lymphatic drainage are some of the techniques employed.

Caring and Compassionate Service

from a whole person, family practice, oriented towards natural, non-invasive, self-healing.

You are given the tools to keep yourself healthy. Together we can restore your body's function by restoring its structure. Amazing things can happen when this occurs, without the dangerous side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs, or complications of surgery.